The Flower

What you will need

  • Cotton fabrics
  • both comercial and hand dyed.

Q&A with pdljmper@aol.com

SusCouture asked:
How beautiful, even the backside is so nice. Offcourse you make this with the coursematerial. But I wunder if you have already knowledge of quilting. I do not have the knowledge and really want to learn quilling, is it possible with this course only to make such a nice project?
pdljmper@aol.com answered:
I have taken other classes, but practice is the key and the class has really helped smooth out the rough patches. I absolutely know if I can do this so can you! Jump in and go for it! And most important just have fun.
Jennifer Thomas asked:
Wow! This is some gorgeous quilting. I love it. Very inspirational.
pdljmper@aol.com answered:
Thank you. It wasreally fun to do!
BirgittF asked:
This is soooo beautiful!
pdljmper@aol.com answered:

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