The First of the Purple Ones!

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I'm most proud of the fact that I got all the pointy-bits to be pointy and didn't snip their noses off when I pieced them. The quilt top was finished for quite a long time before the quilt was finished and lived in my UFO box. The original pattern is for a square quilt, but I thought I would much prefer a longer one to cover my sofa. Although I'd purchased the correct amount of fabric for the pattern, I then sent away via the Internet for some more, in order to make the 16-block pattern into a 20-block one plus the extra sashing, border and binding. There was quite a lot left over as I'd over-ordered, and I had enough to make "Jacqueline's Quillow" (picture on my projects page). There was still quite a lot left and I embarked on Amy Gibson's Free 2012 BOM course, meaning to just "dabble" and try a bit now and then. However, I got hooked and found that a theme was developing, which meant that I needed a little more "Pure Velvet" and "Perfect Palette" fabric, plus some to contrast from my stash. Once the BOM was finished, I found that I still had some more left, so I've started on a scrap quilt to use it up. There will still be a bit more of this range in my stash and I think I may use it for one other project (plus other fabrics from my stash, as I really shouldn't be buying more - it probably isn't available any more anyway) in one more quilt in the future. Although this was the first project I started with this range of fabrics, it was left for some time unfinished and, although I've never done so before, and as my sewing machine was in Sewing Machine Hospital - worn out, I think - I took it off to a long-arm machine quilter and had it quilted. The LA Quilter made a lovely job of it - far better than I could have done - with a pantograph pattern called "Floriana" and lovely magenta-coloured Isacord thread that she has imported from the USA and which we can't normally get here. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Decide on your range of fabrics and only buy what you need or you'll end up like me with three and probably four projects in the same colours - and being totally fed up with them!!!!

What you will need

  • Cotton fabrics
  • "Pure Velvet" and "Perfect Palette" by Fabric Fredom; cotton thread for piecing; polyester wadding and Isacord (polyester embroidery) thread for quilting.

Q&A with patz in suffolk

K Lee 2Strings asked:
I really like you purple pinwheel quilt! I can't believe the mileage you got out of this line of fabrics! Is it four quilts? The longarm quilters can do such a nice job with the quilting. I've often said that I want a longarm machine, but I'd have to sell my car to afford one and, as I have no space in my little house, I'd have to put the quilting machine in the garage where my car now sits. I'm not sure that swapping the car for a longarm is such a wonderful trade, though. How would I ever get to the fabric shops?
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you! I'm impressed that you've actually got a car in the garage - our garage has never had a car in it - it's far too full of junk (sorry - it's far to full of treasures!!!). I too would like a long-arm machine, but like you, I've no money and no space for one so will have to soldier on with my domestic machine. I like to think that I quilted this quilt with my cheque book, rather than with my sewing machine!!!
Caraline2 asked:
wow, wonderful work, 'pat' yourself on the back Patricia
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you, Caraline! I can't take all the glory for this as it was professionally quilted, but I really am pleased with my piecing for once!
Ladymax asked:
Terrific, even if you are fed up with the colour. I think the colour is great.
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you! (Not really, REALLY, fed up - but it can't be long now!)
Darns asked:
Your blocks look great! And, of course, the purple is wonderful! You may be tired of these fabrics but I'm loving them. Is your sewing machine recovered or is it time for a new one?
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you! Oh no! It IS a new one!!!! I've heard from the workshop what was wrong - it had nothing to do with the machine, but what had been happening was that a minute or two into FMQ the needle would strike the metal stitch place with a fearful BANG! and snap! At the workshop they had a look at it and found that, because of the kind of thread I was using (not wound onto the usual plastic reel, but a kind that's bought in 1000 metre reels, on a narrower central tube) the thread was reeling off too fast and sinding itself around the machine's spindle. This caused the thread to tighten and pull the needle forward onto the stitchplate, missing the hole! I've spoken to someone who has explained that I can continue to use the same kind of thread, but should use a thread net to prevent the tangle. And I wondered what the thread net that came with my sparkling new machine was for! I hope this will sort me out - the machine was awfully expensive and I was beginning to be really worried that I'd bought a duff one!
Pam NZ asked:
Aaaaw Patricia, another one for me? I will never tire of seeing your beautiful purple quilts... doesn't matter how many you make, I will love them all! That's some swag of this fabulous fabric tho LOL, such a wise purchase! This quilt is just gorgeous!
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you Pam! I'm not really fed up with it - as you say, the fabric is lovely!

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