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What advice would you give someone starting this project? I think it was very worth while to take the time (and fabric) to do this test. I was surprised at how much difference the layering order could make in the look of the project. I thought for sure I wanted the lightest green/yellow fabric on top but surprisingly, I quite like both the orange and pink on top as well.

Q&A with Polarjo

TerryChase asked:
Polarjo answered:
Thanks. Have you tried this class yet? Same instructor as Stupendous Stitching, so you know it will be fun.
Pamillia asked:
Wonderful, I like the two bottom ones the best for me. But, then again, I really like them all. I am signed up, but have not yet started. Lots of Great classes here at Craftsy. :-)
Polarjo answered:
Thanks Pamillia. You are right, so many great classes it's hard to choose which one to do next!
JPetz3057 asked:
I think the 2 top ones would give you a better blended look throughout and the 2 bottom ones would give you a "brighter" looking quilt, if that makes any sense. I just signed up for this class also, and I like all of the blocks too! Pretty color combinations...
Polarjo answered:
Thanks JPetz. What kind of look I want is always the million dollar question. I agonize over my fabric choices on almost every project I do.
bumblebee78 asked:
How big did you make your test blocks? They are all very pretty.
Polarjo answered:
They are 10 inches square. That way I could get four out of one WOF cut from each fabric. Kind of limits the design options with such a small space, but the main point was to test the layering choices.
4bird2 asked:
I think that they are all wonderful. It depends on what you put behind them as a border, or a sash, or both. Are you going to make a pillow with the piece? Use it as the fabric for a purse? Deciding where it's going would probably be something I'd think about.
Polarjo answered:
Funny thing happened on the way to the sewing machine.....I made these blocks just to test the layers and designs. I didn't have any particular use in mind. I figured I'd choose a layering scheme and get inspired about a design and then make a larger piece, more than likely to use as a wall hanging. But then I really liked all of these blocks and since I hate waste, I decided to put them all together into a wall hanging. I've got them all sashed and sandwiched...just working on the quilting/binding now. So guess I already made my stitch and slash wall hanging without even knowing that's what I was doing. LOL. I'll post a pic of the finished project once it's complete.

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