Swoon Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am so proud of doing this entirely by myself, from choosing the fabrics, figuring out how to quilt it and even hand-sewing the binding - all 9.5 meters of it!!! I have a tiny, cheap machine and not a lot of space in my work area, so this king-sized quilt was a challenge. I could not have done it without learning the split-batting method from the class "Quilting Big Projects on a Small Machine".

What you will need

  • Cotton fabric
  • mostly from the Amy Butler "Lotus" collection

Q&A with Steph in Aus

QuiltDude asked:
Is this the pattern from Connecting Threads? It turned out beautifully! I myself want to do this exact quilt, and you have given me the inspiration to do so. Congratulations on a job superbly done, especially, as you say, on a machine with not a lot of space. I'm impressed!
Steph in Aus answered:
Thank you! This is the pattern: http://thimbleblossoms.bigcartel.com/product/swoon-pattern-142-pdf-pattern The harp on my machine is 5 inches so I was amazed that I managed to do it. If I can, you definitely can! Let me know how yours turns out!
maggiesc asked:
I too signed up for this class and the methods look promising. To see such a beautiful fished project like this gives me inspiration to get started. So your choice was the split batting? It really looks amazing!
Steph in Aus answered:
Thank you so much! Split batting seemed like the best choice to me because the quilt top was finished and my machine is tiny so I knew I couldn't quilt it all at once. My tip for splitting the batting is to draw a line all the way down the batting and then cut it in an s-shape a little bit bigger than you think you need it to me. There are a few holes in mine because I wasn't careful enough. :) I honestly don't think you'll be able to tell that you split and then fused the batting. In fact, on one side, I didn't even fuse the batting back together with the tape because I was so frustrated by working with such a huge quilt in my small house so I just spray-basted it together and it feels the same as the side I used the fusible tape on. This is my first "real" quilt - my other one was just a charm pack sewn together so I'm pretty chuffed. :)
patz in suffolk asked:
Brilliant! Well done! You are an inspriation to all those people who don't think they can make a decent sized quilt because their machine is, they think, too small! You've shown them just how successful they could be if only they have the courage to try!
Steph in Aus answered:
(blushing) Thank you!!
Surfside6 asked:
Your first "real quilt"...that's like the carpenter who starts with a house instead of a book case!!! The piecing alone (forget the quilting) was quite a challenge . I have seen other samples on here of the swoon. Gorgeous. They have the pattern at my local quilt shop, but I forbid myself to take it on as I have loads of ideas spinning in my head that I want to work on while I am still in my 60's - Next year I'll be 70 LOL ...I also don't want my family to find all my stash piles after I'm dead Congrats on a job well done!
Steph in Aus answered:
Thank you! That's so kind. My motto seems to be "How hard can it be?" which can get me into trouble at times! Add this one to your list for your 70s - I think I'll be 70 before I'll be fully recovered from this one! :)
Davesmom asked:
Your quilt is supper lovely. I love the big size of the squares. How big are your star squares? Nice job, well done. What's next?
Steph in Aus answered:
Thank you! The blocks each finish at about 22 inches square - give or take. :)