Sweet and Sassy

Project Description

What are you most proud of? How easy the project was. It really went together quickly. The challenge was getting just the right angle for the center rectangle. What advice would you give someone starting this project? choose fabrics that are fun and easy to work with. Make a big triangle to line up the angle for the center rectangle piece, then make a big rectangle for the center of the quilt and align the rectangle on the angle of the triangle, pin in place , then cut it out.

What you will need

  • Various cotton blends for the quilt top and binding. White with pink polka dot flannel for the backing. 80/20 extra-loft batting

Q&A with BeckeeCarrier

marianna2011 asked:
I love it - I was looking for some inspiration to make a polka dot lap quilt for a 10 year old girl and have many of the materials you have in your photo - I wanted to make something easy as I usually do more complicated patterns - and I found your photo - I love it - and will start creating my quilt tonight. I hope it turns out just as cute. I will post my photo when it is done.
BeckeeCarrier answered:
I look forward to seeing your creation!
Debbs asked:
Love thepolka dots and stripes where did you get the matrial . I am in Canada. not alot of choices here where I am.
BeckeeCarrier answered:
Walmart, several years ago, and Hancock Fabrics. - my normal haunts. But recently I have been shopping online...Fabric.com, J&O,
Kim Burklund asked:
Did you "stitch the ditch" or quilt the whole thing, I can't tell. I'm new to quilting and wanted to do a pattern similar to this but I wasn't thrilled about quilting the whole top. My questioning is because most batting states to "sew every 3 to 4 inches"...I didn't know if that meant you had to at least quilt like a square or just lines as in "stitch the ditch" that would look good for this pattern. I HOPE this question makes sense. Any advise would be welcomed.
BeckeeCarrier answered:
I stitched in the ditch. When sewing 'every 3-4 inches', you can quilt it in lines or squares or free motion...as long as you have the batting stitched every 3-4 inches. For this quilt, being so small, it was not necessary to do any extra quilting, being that the strips were 2 1/2".

Skill Level