Created by: Dianne.Sallee

Sunglasses needed

You Can Make This

Dianne.Sallee made Sunglasses needed with:

  • Multiple bright coloured 100% cotton.

Q&A with Dianne.Sallee

Nana18 asked:
LOVE this quilt--all my colors--bright--what pattern is this
Dianne.Sallee answered:
Thank you - I designed this quilt myself - each large 'block' is made up by four smaller blocks - I used only two block designs, one was a 'Jacob's Ladder' and the other was a 'Log Cabin' and then I put four blocks together to make the one large block - I had a bit of fun arranging these two 'design' blocks into the larger ones (different arrangements gave different looks to the overall quilt).
Betty Mae asked:
This quilt is great! I'm a new quilter & wish I had someone like you to work with. You sure had lots of colors in it. Really nice & fun I bet.
Dianne.Sallee answered:
Yes, it was fun to make - it was one of my UFO (un-finished objects) quilts. I began collecting the fabrics 17 years ago ('life' intruded) and finally got around to making the quilt this year. I love quilting - I am juggling quilting with my love of hand spinning yarn and knitting/crocheting - Oh, to have more hours in the day to 'craft'........;-)
mimis quilts asked:
someone after my own heart! Nice how the many colors all work together but does it keep you up at night??
Dianne.Sallee answered:
Lol. Need to keep my eyes tightly shut - I love bright colours.
mo.sews asked:
you get a heart just for the title alone! lol this quilt is awesome!
Dianne.Sallee answered:
Lol. Thanks, it is bright, isn't it?

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