Project Description

What are you most proud of? I'm most proud of getting all of my points to match & really be accurate points. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Someone starting this project should follow all the instructions & have the tools like the Add-a-Quarter 12" ruler. Be sure and BASTE - it's your saving grace for great points. Listen to the lesson many different times, as there are so many tips & techniques to hear and watch. Great class!

What you will need

  • 100% Cotton Fabric Gutterman's 100% Cotton Thread & invisible nylon thread Warm & Natural 100% Cotton Batting

Q&A with Ladybev

mpac5000 asked:
Bev, you did a great job. The block is awesome. What did you mean by basting? Basting for quilting or for paper piecing. I have never basted for paper piecing. I love paper piecing because of the way points come out. It can be challenging. I found removable tape. When I have to tear out a seam,, I put the removable tape over the line before I rip out the stitches. Tape keeps the paper from shredding.
Ladybev answered:
Carol gave us that tip too. The basting is for paper piecing & done when sewing 2 blocks together. If points dont line up, you can take basting out at that particular point. Realign position to match points, pin, re-baste spot. If all is right you sew right over basting (3.0 stitch setting) with (1.5 stitch setting). Sew over point matches with (1.0 stitch size). Fasinating!
Carol Doak asked:
Very nice Bev.
Ladybev answered:
Thank you! We're gaining on it!

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