Stitch & Slash Art

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I love how this turned out. It's my favorite piece. What advice would you give someone starting this project? The design possibilities are endless. Jut have fun and make lots. I teach this technique in my Stitch & Sash class on Craftsy. Join us!

What you will need

  • commercial batik fabric
  • thread
  • fleece

Q&A with Carol Ann Waugh

Rusty0802 asked:
Carol, This one is my favorite. When things slow down, I am going to take this class. I love it!
Carol Ann Waugh answered:
Thanks! (It's my favorite too although I found out that cameras cannot photograph reds very well and it looks so different in person!
lesliethequeen2 asked:
I love this class and the Stupendous Stitching...they have given me permission to try new things and to be creative! What joy! What freedom! Thanks, Carol, you have given me back my former, fearless self!
Carol Ann Waugh answered:
Daouya asked:
This one is so fantastic!!! I wouldnt have thought that colors with the same values can have such a great effect. It is really wonderful to see how the result can change if you leave some fabric in. Did you use 4 layers? And is the top layer a multicolor fabric? Orange might become my favorite color ;-))
Carol Ann Waugh answered:
thanks! Yes, 4 layers of batiks. This is my favorite because it is so subtle. The photo is terrible and I've had 3 professionals try to take one that works but the red is something the camera's cannot capture. It is red/red/orange and orange.
Cab0413 asked:
This is beautiful! I'm taking your class and wondered if you had left the 2-3 inches between stitch lines on this one? It's hard to tell in the photo. It really is such a lovely piece!
Carol Ann Waugh answered:
Thank you. I'm afraid this piece is sold so I don't have it any more to measure the lines and answer your question directly. But, there really are no rules. I recommend that you first piece leaves 2-3'" between each line so you have the maximum flexibility, but after that, I hope you will experiment!

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