stitch sampler

Project Description

What was your inspiration? Stich sampler proposed by Ann Petersen. Great course and great teacher. I learnt a lot, I had never tried machine quilting before.

What you will need

  • cotton fabric + cotton batting

Q&A with cedrat

Scheri Manson asked:
Really nice. Did you use a DSM.
cedrat answered:
Hi english is not my mother tongue and I do not understand what DSM means could you explain ?
Projectpam asked:
This looks great! I think we all get caught up in I need to have my stitches perfect or its not going to look good, but the fact is, only we notice our not so perfect stitches. In the end when it's all done, it always looks great! Keep quilting!
cedrat answered:
I think you are right. At first I had decided to do something perfect. I practised on a few sample sandwiches. But I realised that the quest for perfection would take time and a lot of practise. So I have decided to finish this project and take it as an opportunity to learn and improve my skills. I have finished the 2012 BOM in the mean time. And now I am learning with Lea Day other skills. My stiches are improving. I hope I will be perfect one day

Skill Level