Sewing Machine Cover

What you will need

  • Hand dyed cotton
  • gimp
  • 40w tribobal polyester thread

Q&A with RRead

Carol Ann Waugh asked:
Wow. What a great idea. This sewing machine cover would make me creative just by looking at it every day. Now get some sleep!
RRead answered:
Thanks so much for a fabulous class. It was amazing to learn what that old machine could do. I had never played with those decorative stitches until you awakened my interest. Your teaching style is incredibly inspiring!
is the stitch book all the stitches from your machine or same stitches on different color fabric?
RRead answered:
Those are all of the available stitches. On each line, I varied the width & height settings. I included a line for each letter and number. This class is still one of my very favorite ones. Carol Ann Waugh is a fabulous and inspiring teacher.