Project Description

What are you most proud of? This was the first time I did pebbling on an actual quilt and although my stitches are quite awful in places, I am happy with the overall texture and look of the pebbling and my stitches did improve as I went on. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Have fun with the randomness of the squares.

What you will need

  • Cotton Fabrics
  • Cotton Thread
  • Cotton Batting

Q&A with KB17

Shoestring asked:
Wow--this is a fabulous quilt! Congratulations. I love the back too--as it really delivers emphasis on the pebbles and contrasted with block outlines. I'm fascinated by your skills and want to know how did you select which blocks to outline? Also, I'd like to know if you used a long arm machine on a quilt frame or if you used a standard sewing machine. I'm so impressed with your results. Thanks for showing us your quilt project. I'll be following all your projects.
KB17 answered:
Thank you so much for you generous praise of my quilt. I used a standard sewing machine and didn't really have much of a plan for the patterned squares when I started. I just knew I wanted to pebble in the open areas.
fiddlestickchic asked:
I second the WOW! I am a beginning quilter that has been smitten by some of the modern quilts ( w/ a healthy awe for the more traditional also) but the colors you used and the whole pattern are PERFECT! I am starting a few quilts ( easy ones) but really dont want to send out my quilts to be finished,,,, and yours speaks volumes to me on just how very creative you can be by quilting the finished " sandwhich" yourself~ I love the pebble look on the cream and the lined on the blocks, , I would think you used your free arm needle for the pebbles ,,,but did you use your walking foot at all on this quilt? Once again, congrats on such a lovely lovely quit~
KB17 answered:
Thank you! I did not use the walking foot at all, just free motion. Keep at it. The classes on here are great and so inspiring. I was always a hand quilter and didn't get up the nerve to really play with machine quilting until taking the classes on here.

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