savage feathers

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What are you most proud of? THAT I COULD IMPROVISATE AND NOTHING WRONG HAPPENED What advice would you give someone starting this project? TAKE THE CLASS IS WONDERFUL

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Q&A with LILI

Ana Maria Perna asked:
LILI answered:
Gracias Ana Mara
Nana Jo 54 asked:
Nice job! I haven't tried feathers yet.
LILI answered:
You should, there is nothing to be afraid, except like mine to get savage ones
Kaydebee asked:
Very nice. Feathers are a challenge.
LILI answered:
Thankyou very much Kaydebee
sistertammie asked:
This is a nice quilt liliajime254630, and I think your sister will love it. Feathers are a challenge Kaydebee, but if you practice and practice, and then you look at other peoples feathers, then go back to practicing, you get it after all that. It is still a big challenge. I absolutely love feathers.
LILI answered:
Thankyou very much Sister Tammie, and I completely agree, I see other people's feathers and they seem so delicate and precious, that is why I called mine savage, they need to be domesticated and be regular, so let's go back to practice
Cindy Needham asked:
Love it!!! Also love your comment that "nothing wrong happened"...still chuckling. Your sister will definitely have sweet dreams :)
LILI answered:
Thankyou very much Cindy They are still savage, so I have to educate them

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