Sand Lily

Project Description

What are you most proud of? How all the quilting in the background "popped" the sand lily. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Have an extra spool of black thread on hand if you're going to do a lot of quilting! Also, test pencil colors on a piece of your scrap fabric to see if you like their effect before coloring on your piece.

What you will need

Q&A with Lavender Sencha

Susan aus asked:
Very nice work.
Lavender Sencha answered:
Thank you. Got to try a face next.
Lola Jenkins asked:
Well, well, well....What a gorgeous piece of Thread Art. You have out done yourself. It is beautiful. I also see that you said that you are now going to try a face.....Well that means to me that you have just joined the club. What club? The club that has the bug....additive to Thread Art. lol I am very proud of your piece. Very proud.
Lavender Sencha answered:
Lola. Thank you for your kind words. My husband tells me my foto doesn't do the project justice. Will put up a new foto later tonight. As for a face to do next (already have the batik) I spent a little time today searching through my grandkids fotos. We have a program on our older PC that will print as a pencil line drawing. I'm hoping I can ask it to print out 200 % and I won't have to head to the copy store. You'll be seeing more from me!

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