Runner in Circles

You Can Make This

hipocket made Runner in Circles with:

  • 100% cotton Layer Cake pack called 'Spirit' from Moda Fabrics for the circle fronts. 100% white cotton for the backing. Polyester batting.

Q&A with hipocket

Tina Fay asked:
Very nice!
hipocket answered:
Thanks Ladies. It was fun and my daughter swiped it right away! so I guess I'll be making another one. ha
swtsummer818586 asked:
so is there a pattern for this some where
hipocket answered:
I didn't have a pattern but it seems I'd seen something similar somewhere. I used 3 dishes to make patterns for the circles. Made the circles, sewed the one bit of quilting, arranged the circles, then handstitched them together from the back side.
swtsummer818586 asked:
thanks alot for getting back to me looks like you maybe used different size circles thanks
hipocket answered:
I used 3 sizes, Nana. Where do you live? I'm in Oklahoma.
nanajamie asked:
So fun!
hipocket answered:
Make one Jamie! It WAS fun to make.
suzn9307357 asked:
Love this!
hipocket answered:
Thank you. So do I.

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