Recycle Revamp Rescue

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I really enjoyed making something beautiful out of something that most people would have thrown away as it was old, frayed and stained! It was particularly appropriate that I used some old embroidery threads that my Mum gave me when she found it too difficult to sew any more. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Just go for it!

What you will need

  • Old frayed cushion cover. Machine embroidery. Couched threads/wool. Hand embroidery. Quilting fleece/batting for strength.

Q&A with hippyastrum

Carol Ann Waugh asked:
What a great idea. I'm glad you were able to rescue something and make it beautiful as well. Nice and thanks so much for posting. I bet other people will be as inspired as I am!
hippyastrum answered:
Thank you for the encouragement and for commenting so quickly. I've never put anything I've made on a site like this before so was actually quite nervous about whether there would be any comments at all!
QuiltyJan asked:
What pretty stitches! A wonderful variety in stitches and colors, so nicely stitched. Very nice
hippyastrum answered:
Thank you! It's ages since I did any hand embroidery and I did enjoy making up the different patterns using just straight stitches and french knots. .
52kid asked:
Be very proud of yourself - this is just gorgeous.
hippyastrum answered:
Thank you so much!
SandiMa asked:
Love the idea of rescuing a loved piece of work. Great inspiration. Love your hand stitching.
hippyastrum answered:
I do find it difficult to throw things away - something I learned from my mum! It brought back memories of my cousin to make this beautiful again. Thank you for your lovely comment.
Bluepinegrove asked:
I love the colors! I also like the ribbon frames that provide such strong structure for the design.
hippyastrum answered:
Thank you! The ribbon frames were part of the original cushion cover and it was quite frayed in places where the ribbon was attached, so I had to zig zag down each side of it, I agree it does give it structure.

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