Purple Pashion Bookmark

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Sewing on the rat tail binding still presents a challenge to me, but this one was at least better!! What advice would you give someone starting this project? I think one of the parts I enjoy most is auditioning the various fabrics and embellishments to see what looks good. Just grab what you like and start playing with it. Move things around until you start to see good color combinations and movement. The eye needs a place to focus and rest and by experimenting you eventually find something that's pleasing to you. If you like it, chances are others will, too!

What you will need

  • Basic quilting supplies
  • wonder under
  • rat tail binding
  • awl
  • eyelet and eyelet setter
  • twine
  • fabric scraps.

Q&A with Marie Withrow

See Patti Sew asked:
I love this for a small project . Did you use batting ?
Marie Withrow answered:
Thank you! It's been a while since I made this but I think that I did use batting as I was learning to quilt, too. And, in the course I took to learn some of these techniques we used batting for the pieces we made. This will also give it more heft and make it a better bookmark.

Skill Level