Purple Dyed Cotton

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I love how the color split with the beautiful shades of pale blue in between the purple.

What you will need

  • Natural Cotton
  • Procion MX Dye (Purple
  • Maiwa MX Mixed Color)

Q&A with Jo-Mo

Darns asked:
That looks great! Can't wait for my dyes to arrive - using a bottle was a great idea
Jo-Mo answered:
Thanks! There are so many possibilities, fun fun fun :-)
Thelma Bradshaw asked:
I so love the results!
Jo-Mo answered:
I am quilter asked:
WOW, I would love to wear that!!!
Jo-Mo answered:
Thanks! I agree, a longer piece would make a beautiful scarf :-)
ozone asked:
sooo pretty great separation of colour, Is this a stand alone piece or will you use it with other fabrics in a larger project?
Jo-Mo answered:
Thanks! I'm enjoying just looking at it at the moment, not sure about it's future use. I'm sure at one point it will be the ideal piece for a project :-)
bubbieone asked:
love the patterns created with the color
Jo-Mo answered:
Thanks :-)

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