Practice Lone Star 2

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I just purchased a new sewing machine and I wanted to try some of its features as well as reinforce some of the techniques I learned in the Craftsy course.

Q&A with Arlene C

Kimberly Einmo asked:
I LOVE your quilting and addition of decorative machine stitches!!!!! Way to go!
Arlene C answered:
Kimberly, you are a great inspiration and I love your tips and suggestions.
AuntieBelle asked:
Beautiful, love the stitching. You've inspired me to try decorative stitching. I've wanted to do but have been reluctant.
Arlene C answered:
Be brave and try it. I've been working on smaller projects for practicing my stitching and courses such as this Magical Jelly Roll give me courage to try. I usually try to hide my stitching so actually making them decorative and visible is a challenge. Have fun with it Auntie Belle.
Karena asked:
Arlene C, you are a wonderful manager of your time. You produce so many beautiful quilts! When do you eat and sleep! I love the fabric choices and the decorative stitching!
Arlene C answered:
Thank you. I retired last year and love having the time to devote to this craft. My quilts are on the small side so I can learn as much as I can and also so I can practice and practice.
annie46 asked:
Your stitching is beautiful Arlene, I hope one day to be able to produce something as nice.
Arlene C answered:
Thank you and you will. There is a lot of room for improvement and I am fortunate there is such a forum such as Craftsy, books, magazines, online videos, and even TV shows for inspiration and learning. I have never been to a class so everything I have learned has been through curiosity.

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