Pixellated Cherry

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sandilotz made Pixellated Cherry with:

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Pictures to Pixel Quilts

with Caro Sheridan

Q&A with sandilotz

MamaThadeus asked:
Wow! This looks great. I just signed up for this course but I think I'll try a project this summer. Your's looks professional.
sandilotz answered:
Thanks so much! It was very difficult finding a colourful picture with enough contrast; also something that would be recognisable when pixellated and not just a blob! Looking forward to seeing your project when you get around to it.
sugar-mama asked:
Love the contrast here, very imaginative!
sandilotz answered:
Thank you very much!
Celtic Thistle asked:
Love this! Very inspiring
sandilotz answered:
Thanks so much - truly appreciate your comment!
Andrea2015 asked:
So real looking!
sandilotz answered:
Thanks so much for pointing that out! I had not seen that aspect of it before because I concentrated more on the trying to select something with good contrasts that would not turn into an undefinable blob! It was good to get your perspective!

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Get your first class for only $14.99