Picnic Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Quickly finishing with stipple quilting! I divided the quilt into approximate fourths and then set out to stipple each section in rows using my Juki TL-98Q (the Exceed is OK for FMQ if you only have one machine but the TL-98Q is the best for FMQ. I'm sure the Quilt Police would point out that my stitches aren't perfect but I'm sure they are far too busy picking on someone else. This works. The quilt is done. I learned a lot about both machines and it was quickly finished! What advice would you give someone starting this project? This may sound odd but my advice is to take as many of the Craftsy quilting courses as possible. Each teacher has a different take on how to do something. What one recommends might not work for you but another instructor's technique will cause you to say "EUREKA!" For example: from Ann Petersen I learned to use shelf liner instead of gloves to move the quilt (gloves drive me nuts even though I have a collection of them, including ones other teachers love). Each class and each project is additive.

What you will need

  • Cotton fabric
  • fusible batting
  • Aurifil thread for piecing
  • cotton thread for quilting
  • Bottom Line for quilting

Q&A with Joanna Strohn

madkat asked:
does anyone know what fabric this is?
Joanna Strohn answered:
Sorry, I don't know what it was. It just had a ribbon around it with no name or other identification. I'm heading to the quilt store shortly. I'll see if I can spot any of the fabrics. The border was a red I had in my stash.
Darns asked:
Wonderful color!! And I totally agree with you about taking as many quilting courses as possible - I picked up techniques I'd never thought about. Funny, I couldn't stand the gloves either ( love the shelf liner & spray basting from Ann's class)
Joanna Strohn answered:
I'm a confirmed spray baster. I have horror stories about taking out my kitchen table, taping the backs, etc. to the floor and then getting down on my knees to try to pin, all the while chasing the house critters away. And then there was the time I thought I would be smart and use fusible batting and do the fusing on the floor ....
NanaJeanFL asked:
So bright and cheerful! Makes me smile. Love the fabrics, the way you've placed them. For such a simple pattern this is really beautiful! Great quilting too. I've a mind to start FMQ with stippling. I have a lap quilt ready to put together this might work on. Thanks for the inspiration!
Joanna Strohn answered:
Just start! I procrastinated on FMQ far too long!
Kaydebee asked:
I just got a new Juki, I love it. I love the colors in your quilt. Red is my color of choice for quilts I guess. Keep up the good work. Craftsy has taught me to quilt.
Joanna Strohn answered:
I took a workshop with Margaret Miller (in person from my Guild) yesterday and used the Juki for sewing lots of strips. Was very impressed with the machine and enjoyed the workshop. If you ever get a chance to attend one of her lectures, please do so!
Bliksem1 asked:
Joanna Strohn, Love the bright colors and the back fabric. Great job
Joanna Strohn answered:
I am in the process of reorganizing my studio to include an expanded office area. I have more fabric than I realized! My goal this year is to use it up. This is a great pattern for that. Thanks for your comments everyone!

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