Pet Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? How Tiggy loves to sleep on his quilt... I will have to make him another one, so I can wash this one! I did 'fussy' cutting for the first time and allowed the fabric to guide me with the overall pattern of the quilt. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't run down your pet and then feel guilted into making a quilt... just make them one:)

What you will need

  • Cotton

Q&A with desna

Surfside6 asked:
Desna, I follow your projects all the time I love your talent. This time I am reading with tears in my eyes ---- Tiggy must have nince lives. Our family is owned by a Yorkshire Terrier, thus my picture. She has inspired a couple of my baby quilts over the past, including one for a fireman friend with a dalmation. Aren't animals the best....next to quilting?
desna answered:
Wee Tiggy is lying sleeping as I type, I am filled with guilt everytime the wee pet hobbles along like an old man, but we are so very thankful he survived. Im only afraid that his nine lives must surely nearly be used up! Your little Yorkie is so so cute:) Thanks for the lovely comment x
Cathy Geier asked:
Oh my goodness, poor little kitty! On a completely different note, I have that same fabric with the blue and pink flowers and kitties on it. :)
desna answered:
I know poor little tiggy although he is having a fine life now lying up at the Aga on his quilt:)
Surfside6 asked:
Ok, my cultural ignorance is showing for all to see. What's an AGA. I suspect it is a cupbard or a refrigerator or maybe an oven???? Don't laugh....please. I learn something new every day.
desna answered:
Obviously where you live it is lovely and sunny hence no need for an Aga! I live in cold and wet Northern Ireland and I love heat so I have a Aga Oven, it is run by oil and stays on all the time. Great advantages are... oven always at correct temp for cookig and baking (which I love to do); I have hot water all the time and best of all the kitchen is always warm and Tiggy love the heat at his back:)
Surfside6 asked:
Well, I now know what an AGA is - great explanation. I live in New England, USA, where we supposedly get four seasons a year. We had the shortest, least snowfall, winter EVER this year. Usually it snows from December to March. This year it snowed (badly) one day in OCTOBER 2011 and hardly anything else. Definitely a climate change here. Hope we don't pay for this with the hottest summer ever!
desna answered:
Oh how we would wish for the hottest summer ever over here in NI... we would be happy for no rain for a week! Never been to New England but they tell me it is beautiful.
Ranjini asked:
Love the quilt!!!Poor little Tiggy but I bet he is being pampered and spoilt.Love his pink cast too.I heard about the Aga on the "Two fat ladies" cooking show. Enjoyed reading ur explanation about it and got to see it!!!We in Arizona have only 3 seasons-hot,hotter and hottest!!So we use the AC instead of the Aga!!! ;o)
desna answered:
Ummm I think I will move to Arizona, I could do with some heat! Although I would miss my Aga;) Tiggy is doing much better and has his cast off although I have left him with a limp:( Thanks for the comment.