Paper pieced mariner's compass

Project Description

What was your inspiration? Wanted to try something different with contrast - don't think I was actually successful. There really isn't enough contrast between the white and light colored print. There isn't enough contrast between the two darker fabrics to really make the points stand out. What are you most proud of? Point continue to get better! What advice would you give someone starting this project? I've learned a lot from this project - not just what to do, but also what doesn't really work. This was a great learning experience on s small project (not a lot of trauma over waste!). The instructor was wonderful - shared many tips and experiences. Thanks!

Q&A with Angel66

elenafromWashin asked:
this looks awesome!
Angel66 answered:
Thanks so much, Angie
FranApple asked:
I think its beautiful!
Angel66 answered:
Thank you so much, Angie
Marge asked:
Beautiful colors.
Angel66 answered:
Thanks, Angie
Delorkan asked:
So pretty!
Angel66 answered:
Thank you, Angie
Cardchicky asked:
I think this is stunning. I love it.
Angel66 answered:
Thank you, Angie

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