Named Mug Rug (Ellie)

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The value of this pattern. The pattern includes three sets of alphabet - one upper-case, one lower-case and a thinner lower-case alphabet that is perfect for mug rugs. You can fit three upper-case letters on a 9" x 5" mug rug rectangle or, alternatively you could use one upper-case and up to four mug-rug letters on a 9" x 5" mug rug. What advice would you give someone starting this project? If your name is Elizabeth or something similar (mine is Amanda!) then I would recommend you find a way of shortening the name otherwise the mug rug may just turn into a table runner! But don't just use this for names - it is great for the holidays - 'USA' 'AUS' or 'GBR' would work well in red-white-and-blue. Or how about 'Xmas' or 'JOY' for Christmas. Even 'BOO' will work well in halloween colours. And it doesn't stop there - you could add your initials to the back of quilts you make.

Q&A with The Patchsmith

m.day1262989 asked:
Lily !
The Patchsmith answered:
'Lily' would look lovely - especially in her favourite colours.
SpringChick41 asked:
i spy christmas / birthday / anniversary gifts here !!! i L O V E this !! it's just tooo cute! BTW, thanks for the warning - 'table runner' = I'm Stephanie ! {yikes} :D
The Patchsmith answered:
A friend has just asked me to make a mini-runner for the mantel with the name 'Christopher'!

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