Created by: Davesmom

My Quilt

Name of Pattern yellow brick road by Alkinson Designs

You Can Make This

Davesmom made My Quilt with:

  • 100% cottons Warn and Natural batting 100% cotton Thread

Project Description

Name of Pattern yellow brick road by Alkinson Designs

Q&A with Davesmom

Donna Brancy asked:
Beautiful. I agree with you, don't be afraid to change things and colors to your own liking. Keep up the great work!
Davesmom answered:
Thank you! If I did not make the changes I would have donate the quilt somewhere. But now I will keep it! It was made for me.
sistertammie asked:
Again, I really love your quilt. I would keep this one too.
Davesmom answered:
I deeply appreciate your help. You are a blessing
Barbara Hughes asked:
Great work. I love the colors.
Davesmom answered:
Thank you they are my favorite
CraftyCuzint asked:
I love this combination of colors! I also love that you made a quilt for yourself! So often I do many projects for family or friends, but not for myself.
Davesmom answered:
After doing 7 quilts for others it was a treat to make a quilt for myself. It's nice to know I am not alone when it come to sewing for others. Thank you for the nice comments!

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