Created by: mpac5000

My grandson's quilt.

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mpac5000 made My grandson's quilt. with:

  • Cotton quilting fabric

Q&A with mpac5000

Seabourne asked:
I have been trying to decide on a pattern for my Grandson's Star Wars Quilt. You gave me inspiration.... Thanks
mpac5000 answered:
I started this in February. Took me a whike to figure out what i wanted to do and how I wanted to put it together.
NanaJeanFL asked:
Way cool! Trystan is one lucky guy to have a grandmother like you. And BTW - what is a resting strip?
mpac5000 answered:
A resting strip is also called an inner border. It is a narrow sash of fabric that is a resting area between the body of the quilt and the border. It keeps the eye on the center.
Pamillia asked:
WOW! That will knock your socks off. Great quilt & well done. Thanks for sharing.
mpac5000 answered:
Thanks, Pamillia. I am adding the inner and outer border today. I will try to get the back done today also.
sistertammie asked:
very well done. love it.
mpac5000 answered:
thanks, Tammie!
HeatherIsaacson asked:
I like the edges and conecting strips. I like the theme of subjects. Great job! Are your blocks 12X12 or are they smaller?
mpac5000 answered:
Heather these blocks are 12" completed blocks,

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