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My First Quilt

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Crystalsmom made My First Quilt with:

Magical Jelly Roll Quilts

Online Class

Magical Jelly Roll Quilts

with Kimberly Einmo

  • All my Hawaiian stash was used.

Q&A with Crystalsmom

Kimberly Einmo asked:
This is spectacular -- I can't beleive it is your first quilt! Well done. The colors are so striking and you did a great job on the setting!
Crystalsmom answered:
It means alot to me that you like my first quilt. I have studied everyone's techniques for a year and decided on yours. You are a great instructor and I followed your tips to the nine, as they say. I am working on another quilt for the back in the similar pattern but with different contrast. You will see soon. Once I get started they only take a week or so. Thank you for being wonderful and teaching here. You inspire us all to do great work. Setting seams and pressing and being precise. Those are my tips. You can't be sloppy and be a quilter.
Crystalsmom asked:
How do I erase some of these duplicate posts. I didn't realize it was working.
Crystalsmom answered:
I made that quilt top in two weeks and it took me three weeks to learn how to post. You must and then add your comment. This is for all that were like me and could not figure out the sequence. I knew sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. Now back to my reverse quilt. I am sooo hooked that I am even teaching my husband's former wife this quilt by way of my digital photos and explanations. She is pressing her fabrics, which is step one.
K Lee 2Strings asked:
This is your first! Oh, my goodness! It's absolutely perfect! I'm afraid my first quilt was a bit of a disaster with chopped off points on triangles and color choices that just didn't quite work. Wow!
Crystalsmom answered:
In all fairness I have sewn garments since I was 14. All I had to change was the quarter inch seam allowance and pressing to one side. I am really enjoying the process.
scol409 asked:
Your FIRST quilt??!!! I am amazed! This is beautiful! I love the color combinations and the sashing and everything. Hope you caught the quilting bug like I did and that you continue sewing for a long, long time. Congrats!
Crystalsmom answered:
Yes I have definitely caught the quilting bug. I am sp pleased that you like my quilt. I have sewn since I was 14 so the only things that were different were the quarter inch seam and pressing seams to one side. I figured if I kept it organized it would work and it did. I am working and almost finished with quilt for the reverse side. I have the side borders to go but I ran out of one of the fabrics again. Will post soon.
Tanya W. asked:
Congratulations! You did a stunning job! It's beautiful!!
Crystalsmom answered:
I really enjoyed the process. I have watched different teachers for a year and decided on Kimberly's class and the chainsaw block. I knew as I went along that it needed something so I added the woven borders that I learned from Pegg Martin's class. The reverse side of this quilt does not have that and you actually had to match all those connecting points in two directions. I learned alot doing this side also. I love sharing with my online quilting family. We must encourage each other to just give it a try. Thank You for stopping by.

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