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Project Description

What are you most proud of? As it turns out.. my hand stitching. I made a lot of progress with the uniformity of the stitching. (very easy to see if you flip it since I used black thread!...oops) I knew it would be mine.. all mine.. so I relaxed and just had fun. It saw me through some rough times and gave me something to focus on. I took it every where with me... and it sparked many a conversation. Even a high five from a knitter ..lol when I said, " ME!" in response to her question "Who are you making it for?" What advice would you give someone starting this project? Once again... let the fabric talk to your creative soul. If the fabric moves you...you will enjoy the project. Unless you will be snow bound for 3 months... this type of project is a long term one. I set the difficulty level high because my panel was very intricate and required a lot of stitching. Once again I shared it as a guide , you can make it as simple as a single flower. It all starts with one stitch...lol.. and ends with one as well. Take the leap...hand quilting wasn't so scary after all! Enjoy

What you will need

  • 100 % cotton fabric
  • 3M Thinsulate batting

Q&A with tania4268

redjanfan asked:
Beautiful, I love the flower fairies, and yours looks like a quality piece of fabric. I have been disappointed by poor fabric buying a couple of things online. Do you remember the manufacturer?
tania4268 answered:
try fabric.com I buy a lot from them and have never been disappointed. This is a Michael Miller Fabric.. you can search for his lines at his own site.
blswaim334086 asked:
How precious! I just finished my very first quilt using a Michael Miller fairy panel. It was a gift for my newly-adopted granddaughter. The little fairy pictured reminded me of her, too.
tania4268 answered:
Congrats! His panels are so beautiful, and bless your family for adopting your new granddaughter, I was adopted atg 3 yrs old and I have had the most wonderful life with my parnets I wish you and the baby every happiness. PS. Post your quilt I would love to see it,
Julie Draws asked:
I have used these panels in the past and they are just lovely. Your quilt is beautiful.
tania4268 answered:
Thanks so much, the piece spoke me,, and told me what I should do~
mkluvntwr asked:
what a great quilt im so scared to hand quilt thats so cool that you do it. I love your helper by the way what a cutie. reminds me of my kitty who sleeps on your head lol. she follows me around the house and sits on the computer keys when she wants my attetion
tania4268 answered:
thanks but this really was my first attempt at hand quilting. It reminded me of the ease of paint by numbers..lol I stiched following the black outlining in the image and used black thread so the black on black hid my mistakes. Pick something small to start and make if for yourself. That way only you will know the oops moments in the piece !
northwoodsann asked:
Fabric.com is a great fabric source. Over the many years I have purchased from them I had one problem. I received one piece with a major flaw in it. The company immediately sent out a replacement for me. There was no delay. I am delighted with them. I do love the Flower Fairies and your quilt is gorgeous and has inspired me. I have a panel Nite Blue I have been thinking about and your design has really given me another way of thinking about it.There are Flower Fairy buttons too. Thank you.
tania4268 answered:
Thank you for the compliments and I would love to see your project when are done.