Megan's Rag Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Designing these myself and finishing 7 of them before Christmas. I started in JUNE! What advice would you give someone starting this project? These must be washed to rag them. DO NOT put them in your washing machine at home. Take them to a laundrymat to wash

What you will need

  • Cotton
  • flannel
  • batting

Q&A with Lynn Wolfe

cstinkerbell5 asked:
Very pretty. I love the color combination.
Lynn Wolfe answered:
Thank you! I think this was my favorite out of the 7 I made!
MomGrandma asked:
Lynn, purple being my favorite color, I'm loving how beautiful your quilt is. I've bought a large stash of bright, printed fabrics to make rag quilts for my granddaughters...think I'll be using your cutaway technique, rather than sewing an 'x' on all the blocks. Thanks so much for the idea. It was suggested that I purchase 'Shout Color Catcher' for the first wash in case of bleeding. I'm guessing taking them to the laundromat is due to all of the lint and threads? You have renewed my urgency to begin this project.
Lynn Wolfe answered:
Thank you so much for the nice comments. Yes, taking it to the laundromat is because of all the threads. I made one for my son some years back out of some old jeans. I washed it in my washer at home and RUINED the washer! All those srtings wrapped around of all the wahser parts! Much safer to take them to the laundromat for their first washing
wandasw20313612 asked:
When do you wash the fabric to make the "rag" seams? After the quilt is all finished? Do you double-stitch the seams to prevent them from raveling out when it's washed?
Lynn Wolfe answered:
The whole quilt is put together first. Then you snip into the part of the seams you want to rag, so you would go along each seam and snip almost to the stitching about a 1/2 in apart. Then take the quilt to a laundrymat and wash them there to rag the seams. I did one in my washer at home some years back and it completely ruined the washer. The seams are not double stitched but you do have to watch how close you snip