Mary's Quilt: Remembering My Grandmother

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I've always loved the 1930s fabrics - almost as much for their colorfulness as for the memories they represent. My grandmother wasn't a quilter, but each of the beds in her old farmhouse was covered by a beautiful handmade quilt. I'm sure that most of them had been given to her by those who had no need for them, and my mother wouldn't allow quilts in our house as they reminded her of the hard times her family struggled through during the depression. But Grandma's quilts were special to me and this one helps me remember her with love.

What you will need

  • 1930's reproduction fabrics

Q&A with K Lee 2Strings

Nana Jo 54 asked:
It's a beautiful tribute. Very inspiring.
K Lee 2Strings answered:
Thank you. The fabrics simply swept me back in time.
Great job, awesome memories, I am not into quilting myself, but I do love and appreciate some of the pretty patterns like this one. Gongrats
K Lee 2Strings answered:
Thank you.
desna asked:
This is so beautiful and I love the pastels you used.
K Lee 2Strings answered:
Thank you.
crwhenderson asked:
Really beautiful! Could you provide pattern/instruction information?
K Lee 2Strings answered:
Oh, dear. I wish I could be more helpful. I found the inspiration for this in a book at the library, but I can't remember which quilting book in was. It might have been one by Pam Lintott. This quilt is a triple Irish Chain pattern (7x7 grid) with a simple star in the center of Block B (or 2). The blocks measure 14" x 14", so the squares in Block A are 2 inches when finished - cut at 2 1/2 inches. There is a fairly good Irish Chain pattern at this website, but it doesn't really address how to strip piece and to make the blocks. http://www.generations-quilt-patterns.com/triple-irish-chain-quilt.html . I do hope you find some of this helpful to you.
SooAddicted asked:
Beautiful, great colors!
K Lee 2Strings answered:
Thank you.