Marissa's Rag Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I designed all the quilts I made myself! MArissa's quilt was made from 6 inch squares of denim. The alternating squares have a heart cut from the center and red bandana fabric placed in the heart window. The backing is red flannel and it is batted with 1/2 inch batting. Marissa owns, rides and trains horses - hence the bandana/denim combination What advice would you give someone starting this project? Rag quilts must be washed (pic here was before washing) to rag the edges. The edges are clipped about every 1/8" and then washed to rag. DO NOT wash in your washer at home. I did this with a former rag quile and ruined my washer. Now I take all rag quilts to the laundermat. Their washers will handle all the little strings that come off of the quilt

What you will need

  • Cotton
  • flannel and batting

Q&A with Lynn Wolfe

AnnieMae asked:
I really like this quilt! Love the denim and bandana combination it looks great!! I haven't even made my 1st quilt yet - but signed up for the online class and I have a book that's very good. Can;t wait to get started! :)
Lynn Wolfe answered:
Thank you and have fun in the class and making your first quilt!
Janlg4321 asked:
Not sure how you got the bandana behind there. HELP, but I have some old blue jeans I cut up would love to do this with.
Lynn Wolfe answered:
Cut your jeans into 6 or 8 inch squares, whatever you want them to be. Make a heart shaped template in the size you want the cut out heart to be. Make it from stiff cardboard. Trace around the heart template onto a jean square then cut out the heart from the center of the jean square. Cut a square just a little smaller (maybe 4 or 5 inches) from a contrasting (bandana) material and place the bandana material behind the jean square so the contrasting material shows thru in the heart shape. Pin it all around and sew about a 3/4" seam around the heart. Then put a square of batting and a backing square and sew it all together. Then rag the edges of the heart and rag the edges of the squares after you sew them together. I think I have remembered right! lol. I made these about 4 years ago

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