luminosity, luster, color blending

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What was your inspiration? Color Play class lessons

Q&A with Seri

Joen Wolfrom asked:
Great work, Seri! I'm really impressed.
Seri answered:
thanks Joen. I'm loving these exercises. Repetition in several different ways really helps me to learn. The color blending was a lot harder than I expected... I have fabric with lots of colors in them but not so many that can bridge between 2 colors.
everlastindaisy asked:
gorgeous colours.I love all tree of your selections.
Seri answered:
thanks, I had fun doing it.
Eunique53 asked:
Love these colors. Hasn't this class been fun?
Seri answered:
yes, I'm looking at color differently. :-)
joan marie asked:
Looks great.
Seri answered:

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