Lone Star

What you will need

  • Points are as close as I could get them
  • im pleased
  • I managed to get the first one perfect
  • then the second had to rip it out.....that went on till I finished.....got to confident I think....

Q&A with Caraline2

scrapquil829940 asked:
Very well done.
Caraline2 answered:
thank you!!!
IG Mom asked:
What size is this quilt? Thanks
Caraline2 answered:
blocks are 10x 10 each, so this would be 20x20, but could be made a lot bigger by either making a lot more blocks or increasing the size of each piece from 2 1/2 scaled up. hope this answers your question
Dunnalikestosew asked:
Like your points!
Caraline2 answered:
thanks, but you wouldnt now, as I squared up and lopped them off accidently
patz in suffolk asked:
Brilliant! I am SOOO impressed!
Caraline2 answered:
thanks Patricia

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