Created by: SandraDea62

Lone Star Quilt

Name of Pattern Lone Star

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SandraDea62 made Lone Star Quilt with:

  • 100% Cotton

Project Description

Name of Pattern Lone Star

Q&A with SandraDea62

Elizabeth L E asked:
Beautiful...I love the pattern you used for the squares. Hand stitching is a labor of love. Thank you for sharing :)
SandraDea62 answered:
Thasnks! This one was for my dad so it had to be from the heart : ) There is something about hand stitching that totally changes a quilt in my opinion!
Elizabeth L E asked:
I really agree, however I rarely have time to do it! I'm not sure I've seen a lone star done the way you arrange your colors. Do you cut out individual diamonds or do you strip peice like I do?
SandraDea62 answered:
I used strip pieces sewn together then cut at an angle. Thanks for the compliment. Helps keep me motivated.
JennysCreations asked:
I love this quilt - the colours blend in so well together - hand stitching, you have done an excellent job, puts all mine to shame
SandraDea62 answered:
JUst takes lots of practice! Theer is no such thing as a shameful quilt! I bewt yours are just fine!

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