Little Lone Star

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The customer was thrilled once she saw the Quilt. And I am so happy how it turned out. Cindy blows her little Cindy Seeds over the "big pond" directly to me in the north. Thank you so much for sharing Cindy!

What you will need

  • Polyester Batting
  • Polyester Quilting Thread

Q&A with Dunkelgod

Cindy Needham asked:
Looks like my "Cindy Seeds" had rich fertile ground in which to grow. What a fabulous job you've done...I only hope your customer appreciates the job you've done with her creatively pieced quilt. Congratulations on a job VERY well done! :)
Dunkelgod answered:
Thank you very much much for your kind comment and thank youso much for sharing your experience and knowledge
gaileliz asked:
I love everything about this quilt. It is amazing and I agree that Cindy is amazing too. I would love to know what thread you used to quilt it and how you managed to quilt the red and blue bits with white in the bobbin. That never works for me. I always get little flecks of either the bobbin and/or top thread showing through. PLEASE share your secret.
Dunkelgod answered:
Thank you for your question, I am happy to share my experirnce. In the bobbin I use Superiors SoFine and on top Amanns Thread Saba 120. Both are thin Polyester Threads. To avoid showing thread from the other sides I am always test the tensions on a practice piece before sewing on the good part. Sometimes up to ten times. I start with the bobbin tension. For that place in flat hand the bobbin case with wound bobbin take the thread end and pull up once the bobbin case stands up and then unwinds the thread, now the tension is good. Drop the bobbin case into the Machine. To test the top tension I start with thight tension (a little bit more than normal setting) sew some circles a. swirls. mostly the bobbin thread is showing up on top, now I loose the top tension step by step with small amounts until the bobbin thread is just no longer visible. I am always fight with the tension and sometime it doesnt work, than I change something, the thread, the batting, or use same color on both... Karin

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