Linear landscape

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I learned the technique and I did it!!! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Use the color wheel to choose the color scheme

What you will need

  • Cotton fabric
  • freezer paper
  • steam-A-seam Two Lite
  • light iron on vilene interfacing
  • cotton threads

Q&A with Sandra Mejias

Surfside6 asked:
Super work. I love it ---- colors are great!
Sandra Mejias answered:
Thank you!!! Do you have a Yorkie? I have one too!!!
DesiHorse1 asked:
I love your choice of colors. I would have never thought of those.
Sandra Mejias answered:
Thank you. I was insecure about the colors when I started, but then I think they worked :o)
Surfside6 asked:
YES! We lost her last year at 15 years of age. Here name was Gillian and she was the quietest small dog ever. Our neighbors all loved her, saying not only was she the best dog in the building, but the best tenant!!! Supposed to be MY dog, but stuck to my hubby like glue. They had their special recliner chair in the man cave. I'd love another one but not ready to take on the work of a new "baby" right now. But, I'm weakening.
Sandra Mejias answered:
Ohhh so sorry!!! Mine will be 7 years old next november. His name is Valentin and he is also very quite and a little bit spoiled. I am a Yorkie Lover!!! :o)
Surfside6 asked:
Yorkies were made for spoiling! Hugs for Valentin and keep quilting and posting
Sandra Mejias answered:
I will hug Valentin!! Thank you. Keep in touch :o)
JahSinger asked:
This is beautiful! One day, I'll be able to quilt like this. simply amazing!
Sandra Mejias answered:
Thank you!!! and Sure you will. I used to say the same :o)

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