Lap quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The free motion quilting. I learnt that on the free motion quilting tutorial ! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't throw away good cotton shirts!

What you will need

  • My husband and son's old shirts for the stars and quilting cotton for the background

Q&A with Purdy Cheese

Meredith K asked:
Beautiful! I love stars! I wondered right away if it was shirts!! I LOVE it!! What a treasure you have made :)
Purdy Cheese answered:
Thank you Meredith, doing number 2 ! Got soo much fabric left its wonderful.
Meredith K asked:
Awesome news on #2! Any special tips or things to be aware of when working with clothing? I have some house coat dresses from the 60's that I was gifted, they seem like cotton or 1 might be a cotton poly blend?? There aren't any labels :( But I've been wanting to use them in a quilt, just been nervous to cut into them! :)
Purdy Cheese answered:
The only thing I had a slight problem with was that one of the shirts was a thinner fabric and I was worried that it would wear out faster than the others. I used some lightweight cotton lawn interfacing and ironed it on before I cut my blocks, it worked a treat. You can't tell its there and I did a wash test before making up my star and it washed perfectly. Hope your's tuns out well, have fun and don't forget to let us see it! :0)
m.koon1586713 asked:
OMG how come you turned up to be soooo clever....I wish I was getting married now as my bridesmaid I would have asked you to make me a wedding rings quilt...love all that you do.. I am collecting R old shirts as a result, will keep you posted
Purdy Cheese answered:
Haven't tackled the wedding rings yet,,,,bit of a chicken on that one!

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