Ladybird and Fuchsia Mug Rug

Project Description

What are you most proud of? This pattern comes with two methods for creating the fuchsia - you can patch it or applique it. The patched version is very simple and a great beginner's project - it goes together really easily. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Ladybug dots don't have to be black (but if you like the traditional approach see the applique version of this pattern). I used scraps from some of my favourite fabrics. Ladybugs don't even have to be red - you could make them black or purple .... or any colour you like. Play with fabric, have fun and enjoy.

Q&A with The Patchsmith

jricche1962183 asked:
Prior to my retirement, the ladies in our department we known as the "Bug Ladies" and we used the ladybug as our "mascot".
The Patchsmith answered:
I can't think of a lovelier mascot to have.

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