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June BOM - disaster!

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Omentide made June BOM - disaster! with:

Craftsy Block of the Month 2013

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Craftsy Block of the Month 2013

with Laura Nownes

  • Various cottons

Q&A with Omentide

mpac5000 asked:
Looks great.
Omentide answered:
Thank you. Our local craft club were also very.... consoling about this one!
KrissBJoyful asked:
You are too hard on yourself! I love your fabric choices, the colors work well together. Your reworked block looks great!
Omentide answered:
Thank you. I guess we are always our own most severe critics.
artbythebay asked:
It was a really tough block! Don't be too hard on yourself-- once it's stitched into a gorgeous top, no one will notice at all. The fabrics are just wonderful, too, BTW.
Omentide answered:
Thank you. I am such a beginner. And my machine skills are dubious. I ended up resewing by hand.
Linda Hess asked:
This was definitely a tough block- not because of the Y seams, but because of all the bias edges! Those diamonds are the tricky part! It is sooo easy to stretch it out of shape- I used LOTS of starch and pressed carefully(no rubbing,lol) I think you did a great job matching points, and with the print in the center, it is forgiving...I think it will look great in the quilt!
Omentide answered:
Thanks. I didn't think the problem was the Y-seams. I wonder if my cutting was accurate though do think that something stretched
Di4N4 asked:
I had trouble with this one... I don't want to re-do it, but it was very lumpy in the middle. I did like you, and re-sewed... My center does not match up. A printed center helps hide many flaws.
Omentide answered:
I think it might have been my cutting or something stretching. I thought the y- seams were OK. I suspect it went wrong at the very first stage (where you sew the diamonds together into bigger diamonds) and, once the innaccuracy starts, it gets worse and worse.

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