June BOM #2 -- Alien Octagon

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I stuck with it -- the piece placement of this block almost drove *me* wonky! But I love the finished block -- so it was worth it. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Do something you love -- if you don't like a block -- make it something you do like! And... stick with it!

What you will need

  • BOM fabric

Q&A with AlyxRansom

Darns asked:
I know what you mean about June's blocks not being too interesting. Good way to explore different arrangements.
AlyxRansom answered:
Thanks! Now I've got to figure out what to do with the "plates" for July. ;-)
double d asked:
I love the look of this. I'm glad that you stuck with it and made a block you are proud of.
AlyxRansom answered:
Thanks. Me, too. Though, I confess, I had to redo that bottom stitching *three* times -- and it's still not quite perfect. But, this is my first quilting endeavor and I think I'll look at each block and it's own little pecadilloes and... smile. (I hope, anyway.)
NanaJeanFL asked:
Wow Alyx! For "hard" blocks this came out beautifully. Love your twist on this!
AlyxRansom answered:
Thanks much! Me, too. Can you see the alien? (He's a match for the way wonky block.)
cherylsea asked:
Amazing!! I don't know how you got there but I really like it!
AlyxRansom answered:
Thanks! I'm not quite sure how I got there either!
Phenebock asked:
I love the look. This is fun.
AlyxRansom answered:
Thanks! He's a match for one of my earlier blocks -- the Way Wonky....

Skill Level