Joys of Winter

Project Description

What are you most proud of? His new hat. The pattern didn't provide one and at first I went with it. I just wasn't happy with his bare head so I fashioned him one. He is stylin' now to go to the 'snow' ball with the misses. LOL What advice would you give someone starting this project? Watch all the videos and read all the books you can about applique before beginning a project like this. Save yourself a lot of headaches and guess work.

What you will need

  • Block of the month kit from a local fabric store. Fabrics
  • pattern
  • instructions.

Q&A with sewbug57

sewbug57 asked:
By the way, that is not a huge snow ball she is holding ...it is her mitt to keep her hands 'warm' LOL ... and the pattern didn't have a hat for him so I guess his head will have to stay cold.
sewbug57 answered:
I meant to call it a muff and after I hit the enter key it was too late. I guess I had a catcher's mitt in mind when I wrote that. I've never had one but they look cool.
jfriel asked:
Very cute, but he needs a hat!!! LOL
sewbug57 answered:
I know ! I don't know why this pattern did have one for him...I'm gonna have to make him one I guess. He looks naked
K Lee 2Strings asked:
You are picking up speed with these. It really is an adorable pattern. So glad you're having fun with it. Fingers crossed that it's finished in time for Christmas, but if not, there's always next year. lol
sewbug57 answered:
I just finished another one except for getting the borders on and then I only have 3 left. I think I will get them done this week if I keep plugging at it.
Sew4joy asked:
how sweet
sewbug57 answered:
thank you
Damsel asked:
I love this snowman block! Looking forwad to seeing it all together!
sewbug57 answered:
Me too !! I went online and saw the original that was done years ago by the creator of the quilt and her Frosty didn't have a hat on either. Looks kinda strange for a snowman not to wear a hat. I had to put one on mine.