Incubator Covers

You Can Make This

Ladymax made Incubator Covers with:

  • For the mock up I used scraps from other projects - all material is 100% cotton 100% cotton flannelette for the batting

Q&A with Ladymax

Fatima asked:
Wow! That is something I've never seen before! What a wonderful idea!
Ladymax answered:
Many thanks. This was requested by the hospital for which I make my quilts.. I hope to do several incubator covers each year.
NanaJeanFL asked:
This is a simply spectacular idea for a NICU! Could you put together a pattern or tutorial so others could do them? Wonderful work Ladymax!!
Ladymax answered:
I am not sure that all incubators are the same, but I will put something together for you. You might want to talk to the staff in your local NICU unit. Mine has requested that they be made in two layers of flannelette and no batting, but the instructions work for both a quilt or the flannel.
janlap1524754 asked:
May I view a pattern. My grandson is 25 weeks and would like to make a cover for him.
Ladymax answered:
I am working on this and hope to have it soon. I did not use a pattern.
Tometta Roberts asked:
I would like to make incubater covers but I don't have a pattern
Ladymax answered:
Then I guess I must try to write up a pattern
sbtoloc asked:
Have you made the pattern yet?
Ladymax answered:
I m very sorry but the patter is not available. I did complete it, but before it was tested and printed I had computer problems and the pattern was one of the many documents that I lost. Before I had a chance to redo the pattern the hospital came up with another idea, so the pattern was not needed.. We now do a 40 inch square (finished size), much easier and faster to complete.

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