Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? When you quilt the top, make sure your tension is right. I missed that one. Hopefully I'll remember the next time. : )

What you will need

  • Daisies and Dots by Robert Kaufman

Q&A with Brook

donareyno82026 asked:
Very pretty. Looks like you did an excellent job. Which charity do you stitch for? Dona
Brook answered:
I just give them away to whoever wants them. I've been thinking joining one of group things, but I need to get info on how they work.
ric-b2384 asked:
pretty quilt
Brook answered:
Thank you. I like easy projects. : )
Joanofhtelake asked:
Why did you call this a tube quilt?
Brook answered:
The blocks are sewn together like a pillow case. So everything is enclosed... like a tube. Plus, that is what it's called on the tutorials.
IslandLady asked:
I'm also working on this pattern. I'm not doing too good with matching up the all the points. Yours looks great!
Brook answered:
When I learned how to nest seams together it helped a lot with the points.
Ladymax asked:
This is an absolutely fabulous quilt...
Brook answered:
Thank you. : )

Skill Level