I Spy Silhoette Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I love that my kids recognize themselves in the quilt, and were really excited by the process of making this quilt. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Make sure you've securely stitched the squares down before you add the ribbon. I was a bit slack about this and I kept finding edges that had popped out from under the ribbon. Repeatedly having to fix mistakes like this can become a little disheartening! Also, use a good quality fabric for the silhouettes with a reasonably high thread count. Quilting can be quite an expensive pass time, so I like to save money where I can, but i regret buying the cheaper black fabric over the good stuff because this stuff began to fray and fall apart even as I was pulling off the freezer paper because the thread count was so low. Also, it was an obvious mistake to include black printed fabrics in the middle section because the silhouettes don't stand out against them.

What you will need

  • Woolen blanket for batting
  • quilting cotton fabric
  • thread
  • ribbon and freezer paper.

Q&A with Sarah Becker

Linda Po asked:
This is absolutely great! Beautiful job!
Sarah Becker answered:
Thank you Linda!
womanwithstixs asked:
Such an adorable, beautiful, and original quilt. Beautiful work!
Sarah Becker answered:
Thank you for your lovely compliments :)
rijacks63 asked:
I think you have outdone yourself! Very beautiful and creative!
Sarah Becker answered:
Thank you! I learnt a lot from doing this quilt and a lot of the 'creativity' came about from fixing mistakes and cutting corners, lol. I think it's turned out better for it though :)
jhof50519 asked:
Sarah, the quilt looks fantastic, seriously - great.
Sarah Becker answered:
Thanks so much, I really appreciate you looking
Tanya W. asked:
I think it is absolutely stunning! What a great job you did. May I ask you what type of ribbon you used for the outlining? It really makes your blocks look so great. The silhouette was so well done. You have really outdone yourself!
Sarah Becker answered:
Thank you Tanya! The ribbon I used was 'Ribbonz' branded - double sided 6mm satin ribbon that's tagged 100% nylon and 100% washable. It has a lovely shine to it that appealed to me.