Hexi #2

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What are you most proud of? Here is the long awaited (at least by ME) final hexi block. Tried for weeks to get this the way I wanted and while it may seem ordinary, it is one of a kind....LOL This is not squared up yet - I know I will have to adjust at the final setting, so I wanted room to play with later. Please note the black cat on the fence post - just a small way to bring in my background fabric. I used my paisley first and kitty was too small, so I switched to black and I liked it so much better... lots of hand applique during tv viewing. Wish my stems were a little more curvy, but just want this done before I was dead.... WHEW....now I can move on to September What advice would you give someone starting this project? Skip this block --- just kidding~!

What you will need

Q&A with Surfside6

Bella B asked:
I love the kitty! This is a beautiful block!
Surfside6 answered:
I happened to be on line when your comment came in. Thank you Thank you. This is a BST block.....blood, sweat and tears. I am not even dressed yet today (it's 3 pm here). I wanted to finish and post this block today.
Darns asked:
THIS IS GREAT!! LOVE IT!! Well worth the wait - wipe the sweat off your brow & now you can have a look at Sept. BTW, I see no reason to get out of your jammies if you don't have to - -
Surfside6 answered:
I took your advice.....stayed in my jammies all day! I always watch Amy's videos a couple of times and wait to see if any corrections come in before I cut my fabric. September looks like FUN
oldglory44 asked:
I think this block is great and your sense of humor isn't too bad either. Keep up the good work! I posted a couple of pics the other day and now for whatever reason the rest of my blocks won't post - oh what to do.
Surfside6 answered:
Thanks! My warped sense of humor can cover a multitude of sins. I am not sure which are your most current postings, but I have watched your work all along and admire it very much. Keep posting. I enjoy seeing your efforts
SandiePink asked:
SOOOOOOOO Adorable! Very Creative and you did such a good job of putting it all together! Top Notch!
Surfside6 answered:
You are tooooooo kind. Thanks so much for the morale booster. I think the Kitty must have been the key to my success.....which is crazy, as it took four minutes to do that 40 hours to do the rest.
LinRupp asked:
The cat really adds a unique dimesion!
Surfside6 answered:
It is so weird that I did the cat - we are basically dog people (hubby allergic to cats. That seems to have struck a chord with a lot of people. Getting excited about the September blocks. They look like fine.

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