Project Description

What was your inspiration? Made for a 90 year old friend, who has a special place in our hearts. She had helped pick a Chinese name for each of my kids. Asian names often have meaning in them, telling of our hopes and dreams for our children. As we live in Sydney, she was given the task of finding a Chinese name which we liked, as well as a name we could Anglicize easily to make it easier for their Caucasian friends to remember!

What you will need

  • Fabric scraps
  • batting
  • backing fabric
  • 60 degree ruler
  • sewing machine

Q&A with sping

beeboop71 asked:
Beautiful. Love the colors.
sping answered:
gramaof 5 asked:
I love the colors and different designs.... great job!
sping answered:
thank you!
kmc75 asked:
I love that you used the different designs with is awesome!
sping answered:
thanks so much!
Jess from Mora asked:
Love this design and colors. Do you have a pattern for it?
sping answered:
Sorry, there isn't a pattern as I just made it up as I went along! For each hexagon, I sewed strips of fabric into 2.5" strips ( eg. you can sew 2 dfferent 1.5" wide strips together to yield a 2.5" strip). Then cut them into 60 degree triangles with a 60 degree ruler. I then just rotated 6 triangles (vary the orientations to give a different look) to then sew into a hexagon. Tip: sew 2 groups of 3 triangles (i.e. sew two halves of a hexagon first), then join the two halves into a whole hexagon. The spaces between the hexagons are just quilter's muslin cut into triangles. Hope that makes sense. I just made as many as I needed to make the quilt, framed by sashings on all sides. Let me know if you need further clarification!
LinRupp asked:
WOW I found hexagons a real chore and not likely to appear in any of my quilts any time soon. I applaud your sucess. Nice colors too.
sping answered:
Thanks for the kind compliments!