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Help Lola!! My woman looks like a man

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LVeenstra made Help Lola!! My woman looks like a man with:

Thread Art

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Thread Art

with Lola Jenkins

  • cotton fabrics
  • prisma pencil and transparent fabric extender.

Q&A with LVeenstra

Lola Jenkins asked:
Well I tell ya that art is an expression of one's vision. Sometimes when I make pieces they do not come out the way that I intended but instead take on their own personality. I simply call to myself then that it wants to be want it wants to be. I love the design,,,,the background...and the coloring. We as woman do not all look soft. I believe that this woman is showing her strong side so to speak. She is making a statement about life's toughness and responding accordingly. Does she need to be adjusted? I do not believe she needs any adjustment. Let her speak her voice. However, to soften her look you could consider using some light pastel colors which would give her a more soften look. But my true advice is....let her be want she wants to be. It is beautiful as is and makes a very bold statement.
LVeenstra answered:
Thanks Lola, I appreciate your point of view and kind comments! I think I will go with the flow and let her be.