Free Motion Quilting a Sampler Quilt

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The effect of the thread over each solid fabric block. It's really an eye catching quilt and I'm so happy the designs worked so well together. I'm also really proud of being able to use so many different designs in one quilt. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Spend time practicing each design on plain fabric sandwich first. You could even stitch out 10 inch squares of each design and create a second quilt to enjoy with your practice time. Once you feel like the design is under your belt then try it out over the sampler blocks. Don't be afraid to travel stitch or use contrasting thread. It really helps to be able to see where you're going and the end result is a fantastic looking quilt!

What you will need

  • Cotton fabric and Isacord polyester thread.

Q&A with Leah Day

NanaJeanFL asked:
This is great Leah! I'm hoping to reach your level some day. Could you add some close up pictures? It'd be great to be able to come to this project for stills. Right now I've got to figures out how to get a flat sewing surface..... next hurdle. Maybe after (for?) Christmas!
Leah Day answered:
I'll be adding a few as soon as I can get my hands on them!
Ann Rowley asked:
Lovely to see the finished quilt! Are these pieced blocks or the printed ones? I'm interseted that there is no quilting on the sashing, just on the border - is this the usual practice?
Leah Day answered:
This is a pieced quilt. For this one I decided not to quilt in the sashing, but you absolutely could if you wanted to. The decision to leave areas open or fill them is always in your hands!
Cat Sultan asked:
Did you just whip up this sampler super fast for your class demo? Impressive!
Leah Day answered:
I actually didn't piece this quilt top, but I did quilt Amy's quilt in about 2 weeks.
nickersmarie asked:
Leah, I totally enjoyed your class! Thanks so much! I am ready to bind my quilt, but was surprised there is no quilting in the 1" sashing between the blocks that I made per Amy's class. Did you just feel that this skinny area needed no quilting, or that it helped set off the blocks? Thanks, Nicky
Leah Day answered:
I just didn't feel like the space needed to be quilted, though it absolutely could be. When designing this quilt, the blocks ended up looking fairly complex in my drawing, and I new I was pushing the balance of too much stitching for a bed quilt. When I realized the sashing was only 1 inch wide, it was an easy choice to leave it empty. Had it been a bit wider 2-3 inches, I would have definitely picked a design to work through this space. Just remember - there's no wrong way to quilt your quilts, except in a way that you don't like!

Skill Level