Free Motion Practice

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I am working to improve several things at one time. I would like consistent stitch length at various sewing speeds. I would like to improve and have consistency in stitching feathers in various scales and designs. I would like to improve quilt pattern and thread selection for pieced quilts tops. In this project, I wanted to apply the design elements, light and shadow while keeping the pieced quilt pattern the focal point. Based on Cindy recommendation, after quilting the ESS, I quilt in almost all the green triangles only. I think the scribbling in the triangles achieved the shadows, which then enhanced the lighter sections. I chose a thread that would accomplish two things. First, the thread would slightly contrast the top fabric to see the quilting pattern without overpowering the pieced pattern. Second, I wanted a thread that would contrast on the back to reveal the FMQ design. I like two sided quilts. May 19, 2013 - Since I first posted this "practice" project, I added borders with the idea more space to practice. The borders were added with a quilt as method that uses a serger. The completed quilt is the project called "The Back is the Front"

What you will need

  • Cotton Fabric 80/20 fusible batting Trilobal polyester 30wt

Q&A with Dena_LivinH20

joleneayer211310 asked:
Great job. Looks very nice.
Dena_LivinH20 answered:
Thanks. :-)
Chantal.C asked:
What to say, just fabulous. Thanks you for sharing, Are you good at drawing ? did you practice first drawing on paper and then to the machine or only the machine ? Thank you
Dena_LivinH20 answered:
Thanks. First, I stared at the quilt for hours or even days! lol. Then I reveiw different quilt patterns. Then I practice, over and over again on paper. This time I drew the half square triangle to size on paper and practiced the feathers in the "actual" area I would stitch the pattern. I did this many times. I even cut out it and placed it on top of the triangle to determine direction and placement of the feathers.
Tiamat asked:
This looks great!
Dena_LivinH20 answered:
Thanks for the encouragement! :-)
Amy Crooks asked:
Wow amazingly beautiful! I just love the effect to the back!
Dena_LivinH20 answered:
Deb Cavanaugh asked:
I saw the back first thinking it was the front. I thought the triangles that had the smallest stitching in them were actually fabric. I thought how cool you found thread to match your fabric in the patches. Then I had a good laugh when I realized it was all thread. Obviously you did well on giving different effects with the thread.
Dena_LivinH20 answered:
Hey Deb! Yeah, the quiliing showing on the back makes it looks like the front. The last six months I made several two sided quilts with a serger quilt as you go method. It was a way for me to practice FMQ on a small scale. If you would like to see what I mean here is a link to some of those quilts. http://www.flickr.com/photos/62704946@N05/8175282931/

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