First Effort

Project Description

What are you most proud of? My stitches may not be small but they are even - both front and back. I was able to add a row of echo stitches to the feathers. I'm happy with my first effort. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Consider using a sheer fabric to practice the movements. Wish I'd done this before jumping in but I was too enthused to wait. On my 2nd piece I'm using a contrasting thread to baste. Try different thimbles and needles to see what works for you. If using a water soluble marker use a light hand - don't drag - lift the tip off the fabric at the end of lines to avoid making "spots" as you draw.. If you must correct a marking draw a very light line. Don't repeatedly go over the same marking. Dark marks can be harder to remove. A light spray of water works best to remove water soluble markings. Repeat if necessary. Do not press until marks are removed - it will set the markings.

What you will need

  • 100% Cotton pink & rose fabric
  • 50 wt lavender cotton thread
  • Pellon Bamboo/Rayon batting.

Q&A with NanaJeanFL

Bonheur asked:
Really nice and great. What do you want to do with it ? (Part of blanket, doily, cushion ?...) Bravo !
NanaJeanFL answered:
Thank you Bonheur for the lovely compliment :D I've been wondering what to do with it. The fabric came from my stash. I'm thinking perhaps a baby blanket... Thanks again!
artbythebay asked:
Awesome! Have to admit it's something I would never attempt.
NanaJeanFL answered:
Thanks much! You know, it turned out to be easier than I thought - at least for this small project. Doubt I'd ever be able to do a whole cloth quilt as some aim to. Maybe a block by block.... There's a free Craftsy tutorial on hand quilting on YouTube if you'd like a quick look.
MamaThadeus asked:
You did a great job. Your stitches are perfectly even.
NanaJeanFL answered:
Thank you! I figured if I couldn't go small at least I could shoot for consistency :D
Darns asked:
Hand quilting!?! WOW! It look great. Well done! I admire anyone who will take the time for hand quilting.
NanaJeanFL answered:
Thanks Darns - I hope you'll give it a try. Check YouTube for a free Craftsy vid on hand quilting.
DeGramma asked:
Beautiful work, and your First Effort.....Wow!! Thanks for all the valuable information too. I have never tried this, but like you, have always wanted to. Thanks for sharing.
NanaJeanFL answered:
Do hope you'll give it a try DeGramma. Its really fun and went a lot faster than I thought :D

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