Fiber Art Project 4 - 12 x 26

Project Description

What was your inspiration? I had a scrap piece of fabric that I thought I'd like to use in a fiber art project.

Q&A with Arlene C

GmaMK asked:
Lovely! Wonderful job!
Arlene C answered:
Thank you GmaMK. Love doing this between other projects. asked:
Arlene C answered:
Thank you. These are definitely unusual and outside my comfort zone to make.
QuilterMe asked:
I absolutely love this !! Thank you for showing your great piece!!!
Arlene C answered:
Thank you. I enjoyed making it.
Ginette G. asked:
I love this. Such a great idea for a unique table runner.
Arlene C answered:
Thank you. These are really fun to make and are very decorative but not utilitarian because they should not be laundered depending on what types of materials are being couched.

Skill Level